Who we are

  • The creation of RYDE app began in late 2017. Our goal for the driver is to be involved as an actual partner, with the aim to focus on providing services and solutions that are appropriate for the driver. Here is where RYDE is distinguished by offering a unique technical service platform connecting our drivers’ partners with our valued customers.
  • RYDE works on the principle of "participating in the ride" through the mobile application, so that anyone who has a car with the right standards and specifications can work with us, and load passengers, who in turn connect with the driver without having to wait on the road. The application allows the passenger to know the car and driver information before arriving , in addition to tracking the location of the "vehicle" on the map through the app and sharing his information with any driver when the passenger makes a request.

Our Value

  • Transparency: What distinguishes us from others is our transparency and credibility in all that is related to our services provided through our app. The reason we make things transparent is we think it’s the right thing to do. There’s no benefit, we don’t do it to get press. We don’t do it to get people to join our company. We don’t do it for anything. We just think the best possible way we can develop ourselves as people is by making the company and our services as transparent as possible. As a team, we view transparency as an effective way to work remotely and establish a culture of trust.
  • Excellence: Our services are what distinguish and helps us achieve and sustain excellence by raising performance standards through continuous improvement of the company’s business processes, systems, and policies. Implementation of our service excellence enables our company to reach leading levels of efficiency, reliability, and safety in a cost-effective manner.
  • Leadership: This is accomplished by communicating, motivating, inspiring, and encouraging each other towards a higher level of productivity to achieve the organizational goals.